Environmental management

Responsibility for people and the environment

Environmental management

Responsibility for people and the environment

Environmental management

Responsibility for people and the environment

Sustainability as a principle for action

Aluminium is green

Responsibility for people and the environment

We take responsibility for our actions towards our employees, business partners, authorities and neighbours, as well as towards the environment. Here, we focus on clear values and principles. In this way, we follow defined processes and a continuous process of improvement.

For us, sustainability starts with procuring the valuable resource of aluminium. We have selected our global suppliers according to strict criteria.

Sustainability criteria for raw material supplies

  • The manufacture of primary aluminium using hydro power and geothermal energy with the objective of further minimising the CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process and in our products
  • Recycling secondary aluminium to manufacture billets in plants close to our production locations, with the goal of low energy consumption and short transport routes.
  • Security of supply
  • Competence in the research and development of raw materials for specific areas of application.
  • Certification for sustainability aspects (ASI / cradle to cradle)

100 % recycling of all aluminium extrusion process scrap

Responsible handling of resources

Efficient environmental consciousness

The responsible handling of resources is a fundamental part of our processes. This is how we link our environmental consciousness with a maximum level of efficiency.

Aluminium recycling

We recycle 100 % of the extrusion process scrap generated by the apt Group in our own remelting plant in Monheim, where we can manufacture up to 18,000 t of aluminium billets each year. We use them to produce high-quality profiles. For recycling, we only require 5 % of the energy as we do when obtaining billets from the raw material – with the same level of quality. Because the recycled material is never inferior to primary aluminium. Even residual materials from remelting or water treatment from the anodisation systems are recycled.

Sustainable handling of resources

Proactive process management

Continuous process optimisation

As part of our proactive environmental, energy and quality management, we steer the sustainable handling of the resources we use, both internally and externally. Here, proactive management is part of our continuous process improvement system.


In order to shape our future in a sustainable manner, we incorporate our extensive experience and expertise as an active member in selected organisations and associations. For example, we work on solutions together in the Gesamtverbad der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA) and the Verband für die Oberflächenveredelung von Aluminium (VOA).


The continuous improvement of our production processes is one of our quality promises. We place special attention on environmental protection, in particular careful handling of the resources we use. In project teams, we work intensively with new solutions in energy and environment. And we do this every day.

Best in class

High requirements of quality and sustainability

Definition of certified processes

This maxim also applies to all our processes: These must meet our high demands on quality and environmentally friendliness. For this, we have defined specific, certified processes which all participating employees have to adhere to. These are a firm component of our company philosophy.


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