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Construction sector

Complex solutions for buildings
and infrastructure

Construction sector

Complex solutions for buildings
and infrastructure

Construction sector

Complex solutions for buildings
and infrastructure

Aluminium for the construction sector

Buildings, infrastructure and construction engineering

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Façades, solar power systems, decorative elements

The almost unlimited malleability allows for bold and intelligent façade solutions. For renewable sources of energy, the use of aluminium is also now indispensable. This is why you will find our aluminium profiles in the substructures of solar power systems.

In addition, apt aluminium products in buildings ensure aesthetically pleasing, refined solutions in the bathroom or kitchen. Aluminium is also the material of choice for decorative, design elements on furniture and lighting.

Typical areas of application

In the serial production and project sector, we focus on the following segments:

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We have been working together with leading system manufacturers in the construction and architecture sector for several years. Especially when it comes to aluminium profile solutions, notable manufacturers rely on our engineering and fabrication expertise. We achieve special tolerance requirements in project business as well as in serial production. Here, we offer solutions as a one-stop shop: from tool correction and the manufacture of aluminium profiles to their fabrication, right up to their surface finish and just-in-time delivery. We have focused in particular on the manufacture of profiles for windows, industrial and garage doors, house doors and façades.


Sun protection systems

We are specialists in the production of aluminium profiles for awnings and for façade shading, such as sun protection slats. With our production, you will benefit from the highest flexibility in processing and short cycle times.

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External cladding & roofing

Our aluminium profiles are used in the most varied of roofing options. whether for conservatories or car ports, as a specialist, we can supply you with the best possible profiles for your architectural project or serial production. We can also look back on extensive experience in curtain wall systems.

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Interior fittings

Extruded aluminium profiles have always been an important part of interior fittings. Our expertise in manufacturing decorative, high-quality aluminium profiles gives our customers crucial added value. This is the reason for trade fair construction manufacturers to draw on our knowledge and one-stop-shop options, as well as kitchen and furniture manufacturers. We offer you a range of fabrication options and give your profile the right coating according to your requirements.


Agricultural systems

Construction components made from aluminium offer special advantages, because these achieve a higher specific strength than steel and are also corrosion-resistant. The reduction in weight, simple processing and UV-resistance offer many advantages which are readily accepted, especially in the construction of industrial greenhouses or also building atriums. We are looking forward to advise you.

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Infrastructure and street equipment

The low need for maintenance and the high stability of aluminium contribute to the fact that our aluminium profiles are used, for example, in traffic signs, noise insulating walls, tunnel lighting systems and departure lounges or bus shelters.

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