High-tech extrusion press lines

80,000-tonne capacity per year

High-tech extrusion press lines

80,000-tonne capacity per year

High-tech extrusion press lines

80,000-tonne capacity per year

Extrusion as our core competence

Aluminium profiles with complex geometries


Thanks to our innovative and fully automated process technology, we can process aluminium into high-quality profiles. We have an extrusion capacity of 80,000 tonnes per year thanks to our six extrusion press lines. With the uniform ratios in line with your profile, we can achieve the highest level of precision under the right economic conditions.

Extrusion performance

Machine capacity by pressing power

  • Extrusion press line 1: 8 MN
  • Extrusion press line 2: 12,5 MN
  • Extrusion press line 3: 25 MN
  • Extrusion press line 4: 27 MN
  • Extrusion press line 5: 27 MN
  • Extrusion press line 6: 35 MN

Alloys for aluminium profiles

We offer the following range of alloys:

  • EN AW 6060
  • EN AW 6063
  • EN AW 6005A
  • EN AW 6082

Further alloys on request!

Maschine Strangpressen
strangpressen gelbe maschine
gelbe maschine strangpressen
gelbe maschine strangpressen

Die correction

Nahaufnahme Werkzeug

When using an extrusion press, it is crucial to create the right dies for extruding aluminium profiles. These contribute greatly to the final profile geometry and therefore also to the quality of the product. With our own die correction department, including CAD constructors and die technicians, we enable the production of ambitious and highly complex profile geometries with the greatest precision.

Thermal treatment

Strangpressen Wärmebehandlung

We offer subsequent thermal treatment options to achieve the ideal material characteristics of aluminium profiles and their alloys. In this way, we can influence the stability, fracture toughness and strength, for example, through targeted and controlled methods. You can use our thermal treatment furnaces for this purpose.

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