Black anodised aluminium

Aesthetic and protective at the same time

Black anodised aluminium

Aesthetic and protective at the same time

Black anodised aluminium

Aesthetic and protective at the same time

Anodizing aluminium in black or colors

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Anodizing aluminium profiles is a surface treatment process in which a thin layer of oxide is created on the surface of the component. This oxide layer improves corrosion resistance, increases hardness, and creates a decorative surface.

Electrolytic coloring is an additional step in anodizing that creates a champagne-to-black coloring of the aluminium surface. This process is often used to achieve both aesthetic and functional goals. Here are some applications and benefits of color-anodized surfaces:

Aluminum is often anodized in different colors – for aesthetic and decorative purposes. This is particularly the architecture case, the manufacture of housings for electronic devices and automotive parts as well as other high-quality products where an elegant appearance is desired. Naturally, black anodized aluminium is also a good choice.

In the following points, it does not matter whether it is black anodized aluminium profiles, aluminium in different colors, or colorless anodized aluminum: The protective effect is always given.

Hardness and wear resistance

The surface of black and colored anodized aluminum increases the hardness and wear resistance of the aluminum, which is advantageous in applications with high mechanical loads.

Corrosion protection

The anodized aluminium forms a protective layer on the surface that shields the underlying metal against corrosion.

Marking and labeling

Colored anodized surfaces can be used for engraving and labeling, which is useful in various industries.

Electrical insulation

Black and colored anodizing has an electrically insulating effect, making anodized aluminium profiles ideal for electronic applications.

Use of black and coloured anodising

Overall, both black anodizing and color anodizing are a versatile process used in various industries to improve the performance and appearance of aluminum profiles and other aluminum components.

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