Aluminium Bearbeitung

Mechanical Processing of Aluminium

Sawing, CNC-milling, stamping,
forming and more

Mechanical Processing of Aluminium

Sawing, CNC-milling, stamping,
shaping and more

Mechanical Processing of Aluminium

Sawing, CNC-milling, stamping,
shaping and more

Latest Technologies

For accurate aluminium processing

Are you looking for a partner for aluminium processing? We have the necessary know-how, state-of-the-art machinery and several years of experience to provide you with the kind of aluminium you want. In the area of aluminium processing, we focus on the mechanical processing of aluminium profiles and sheet aluminium. On our machines, for instance, we are able to process aluminium profiles up to a length of 14.5 metres.

For special components or assembly groups, our apt Products division is available to you. We accompany you from the development phase. You can also find further information on our information page about our aluminum fabrication competencies.

State-of-the-art Technologies

  • Sustainable aluminium processing
  • Wide variety of processing options
  • Prototypes, small and large series
  • Full adherence to deadlines
  • Short response, set-up and throuput times
  • One-stop shop
  • Certified processes

Highest quality in the mechanical processing of aluminium

As a customer you are just as unique as your inquiry. That is why we accompany you from the first step through the entire process of aluminium processing. Together with you, we clarify which requirements your component must meet. In our development department, we only use modern CAD software to create optimal project data based on your specifications.

Thanks to our modern production facilities, we can realize small and medium as well as large series with absolute adherence to delivery dates. We also have certified processes to guarantee you the highest quality at all times.

Do you have questions about mechanical aluminium processing or would you like to make an inquiry? Then please contact our experts now.

Mechanical processing of aluminium profiles and sheets

Our competencies

Umformen eines ALuminiumprofils zu einer Automotive Cabrio Verdeckstrebe bei apt

Forming (2D/3D)

Do you require sheet aluminium or aluminium profiles in a specific form? As specialists for aluminium processing, we have a variety of different forming machines Our possibilities: Bending, folding, rolling, arching, stretch-bending.

Prägen eines Aluminiumprofils bei apt

Embossing, stamping, deep-drawing

Embossing and deep-drawing play a special role in the area of aluminium processing. With the use of pulling and printing applications, we can reform aluminium blanks into complex and ready-to-install products. The big advantage: These processes enable us to save materials and therefore reduce the costs and weight of the finished product. At the same time, we create a consistent and reproducible quality of production.

apt Mitarbeiter am Sägeautomat


We have automated sawing systems and processing centres that have integrated sawing options. As experts in aluminium processing, this allows us to saw and process your profile further efficiently and with precision into the perfect length.

apt mechanisch bearbeitetes Aluminiumprofil

CNC drilling and CNC milling

Do you have advanced requirements for processing aluminium with sophisticated forms? In this area, our 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis milling machines are used. These high-speed machines enable rapid and precise processing. We also have CNC vacuum milling machines and horizontal and vertical CNC lathes. We are able to manufacture CNC aluminium profiles up to a length of 14.5 metres.

automatisierte Prozesstechnologie bei apt

Welding, adhesion, assembly and special machines

In addition to the initial processing of aluminium, we have the expertise to supply your ready-to-install component in fully-assembled form. Find out more about this on our information page on aluminium fabrication.


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