Further processing of profiles and sheet metal

Wide range of fabrication options

Further processing of profiles and sheet metal

Wide range of fabrication options

Further processing

Wide range of fabrication options

Efficient fabrication

High-tech in aluminium


We process aluminium profiles and sheet metal. Here, we offer our customers the whole process, from product development to fabrication right up to the finish and assembly. Using intelligent production concepts, we create small and large batches, individual productions as well as prototypes. Via precisely harmonised process stages and using innovative technologies, we achieve the highest level of production efficiency.


Next to our extrusion volume, we process approx. 15,000 tons of aluminium each year. In this way, we create innovative products which inspire us and our customers. This includes complex processed extruded aluminium profiles as well as complete lightweight construction concepts and system components and modules.

Further processing of aluminium profiles and sheet

The range of processing options

Forming/shaping (2D/3D)

With special reshaping machines, we can mould aluminium profiles to the right shape. Here, we are able to roll long aluminium profiles up to curving or bending aluminium components with the use hydraulic- and bending presses according to your requirements.


We can get your aluminium components to the required length. Saws can get your profile to the ideal length on our extrusion presses. We also have automatic sawing machines to produce aluminium profiles with low length tolerances or to further process short lengths into a ready-to-install product.

CNC turning and CNC milling

With high-speed 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis milling machines, we can further process large and complex aluminium parts. We also have CNC vacuum milling machines and horizontal and vertical CNC lathes. This makes it possible to have cut-outs and drill holes of different depths.


With automated punching and nibbling machines, we process aluminium profiles and sheet metal into lightweight construction product concepts for the serial production. In this way, you will receive your product with the ideal recesses.

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Embossing technology/deep drawing

Using pulling and pressure applications, we can reshape aluminium raw parts into complex and ready-to-install products. Here, we generate a reproducible production quality.

Welding (MIG/MAG)

With a 10-axis robot welding system and special welding cells for manual welding, we further process aluminium profiles to make your end product. Here, we use the pulse, double-pulse and CMT processes. In doing so, we are building on our extensive experience so that we can avoid deformations and so that strengths are retained. We use this technology to produce, for example, bus door frames.

Joining and bonding

When bonding and joining together the most varied of aluminium parts, we use fully automated process technology. We use bonding systems in combination with robots to achieve the ideal production options while keeping the same high quality.

Special machinery

For high numbers of units, such as in serial production, we use machinery which is designed for specific individual tasks. Contact us for your project enquiry.

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We assemble all aluminium components into the semi-finished product or ready-to-install product. Here, we largely rely on the products manufactured within our group. In this way, you benefit from a one-stop shop.