Refined surfaces

Protection from corrosion and abrasion:
Anodisation and powder-coating

Refined surfaces

Protection from corrosion and abrasion:
Anodisation and powder-coating

Refined surfaces

Protection from corrosion and abrasion:
Anodisation and powder-coating

Have aluminum anodized

We offer efficient procedures from experienced hands

Highest quality and absolute adherence to delivery dates

apt is at your side as a reliable partner for anodizing aluminum.

We combine modern processes and technology with a well-coordinated team of experts. This guarantees a smooth process, whether it’s the smallest profile or a large workpiece.

For an optimal workflow, our experts are also available to assist you in all phases of the project, from consulting and order processing to delivery of the anodized aluminum profiles.

This is what distinguishes apt when anodizing aluminum:

  • Everything from one source
  • Well-rehearsed team of experts
  • Efficient processes
  • Optimized logistics
  • Highest quality
  • Constant optics
  • On-time delivery
  • Detailed advice

These are the services we offer for anodizing aluminum

Basically, we cover all services relating to the anodizing of aluminum. However, a particular focus is on Eloxal corresponding to E6 and C0. We have therefore acquired extremely strong expertise for this specific process.

Thanks to this practical experience, we have mastered the extremely demanding internal anodizing of hollow profiles. Because of this specialization, we also guarantee a consistent appearance for our anodized aluminum profiles. This applies from the small coolie mine to the heavy 250 kilo profile. For all other combinations except anodized according to E6 and C0, we work with external partners in order to be able to offer you the entire spectrum of aluminum surface finishing.

Efficient, fast & high quality – our strengths in anodizing

Of course, we also offer our customers mill-finished profiles, but for many reasons it is advantageous to have the surface finishing of the aluminum carried out by us. When anodizing aluminum, our customers receive all services from a single source. This means less organization and optimized logistics. The advantage: The fast and efficient processes significantly reduce production costs.

In addition, should there be reasons for a complaint, there is a high level of traceability. This allows us to resolve problems promptly and provide you with an optimal solution. However, due to our ideal system settings and the experienced team of experts, the complaint rate for our anodized aluminum is very low.

Customers who have purchased aluminum profiles externally can also benefit from the strengths mentioned: We accept contract anodising for certain order volumes. However, for a consistent process, we recommend ordering aluminum profiles directly from apt and having them processed further.

In numbers

Surface finishing of aluminum at apt


  • Locations Monheim and Roermond
  • Annual volume 7 million m²
  • Dimensions Pressed aluminum profiles
    up to 8 meters
  • Layer thicknesses 5 to 25 μm

Powder coating

  • Locations Eckental
  • Annual volume 1 million m²

Anodizing or powder coating – advantages and disadvantages

In addition to anodizing, powder coating can also be used for the surface treatment of aluminum. Which method is more suitable for a customer’s use case depends on the respective situation. Both anodizing and powder coating offer various advantages and disadvantages.

Powder coating – as the name suggests – involves applying a coating to the aluminum. The process is fundamentally more flexible and offers a wide selection of colors for hall gates, windows and door elements, for example. The disadvantage: The corrosion protection is not as strong as with anodizing.

When anodizing aluminum, the entire surface is transformed by the chemical process and thus offers extremely robust corrosion protection. However, the process is associated with higher costs, particularly for smaller order quantities.

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Frank Andrejewski
Frank Andrejewski
Sales Manager Building & Construction