Industry sector

Suitable for numerous industrial

Industry sector

Suitable for numerous industrial

Industry sector

Suitable for numerous industrial

Aluminium for industrial application

Mechanical engineering, electronic and medical technology

Universal and invisible

Aluminium is a tried and tested winner almost everywhere thanks to its diverse material characteristics. For instance, you will find apt Group aluminium products in cooling elements, engine housings, high-precision parts, air-conditioning elements and intelligent system machine construction, to mention a few.

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Typical areas of application

In the industry sector, our focus is on the following segments

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Mechanical and systems engineering

Leading providers of mechanical engineering and systems engineering trust in our aluminium profiles. We supply system construction kit providers with made-to-measure strut profiles. These are pressed, sawn, anodised and packaged according to your individual specifications.

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Electronic technology

Our high-quality products are represented in the electronic technology sector. We have developed special competences in the area of heat exchangers of sophisticated power electronics using cooling elements. In this way, we produce extruded heat sinks with extreme tongue ratios. We can also develop high-performance cooling elements for you as a ready-to-install product. With our precise thermal management simulations, we can manufacture the right cooling element for you, which can be used in industrial machinery and electricity converters. A further speciality is finished engine housing which we produce as a one-stop shop according to your needs. These are designed to withstand extreme conditions. They are used, for example, for controlling processing machines (motion control). We also focus on participating in the development of engines for electric cars.


Medical equipment

The right choice of material is crucial in highly sensitive areas such as the medical industry. For instance, surface characteristics can be influence by anodisation. In addition, the material must be reliable, light and easy to clean. Our aluminium products are used, for example, in dialysis machines, stair lifts and in hospital interior fittings. Contact your apt contact person today.

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