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Automotive sector

Aluminium is important for e-mobility

Automotive sector

Aluminium is important for e-mobility

Automotive sector

Aluminium is important for e-mobility

Aluminium for the automotive sector

Car roof systems and accessories

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E-mobility and sustainability

The proportion of aluminium in vehicles has increased significantly over recent years. Among other things, this is due to the requirements to use ever lighter and ever more sustainable materials in automobile construction. Especially in the age of electromobility and electric cars, a reduction in the vehicle weight has never been more important, for example, to achieve greater battery ranges and keep emissions of CO2 from cars with traditional engines as low as possible. Aluminium is the perfect material here as it is light, corrosion-resistant and can be recycled without a loss of quality.

The latest technologies and fully-automated processes

We can produce various components for you and we develop aluminium components for the automobile industry together. For this, we deliver to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) up to tier 2 suppliers of the automobile value chain. We can support you in the development phase – from co-engineering to the profile manufacture, right up to supplying the ready-to-install batch products and for the need for replacement parts. Our production capabilities allow us to manufacture the most varied of components in house, so that you have a single point of contact for everything. We focus on the latest technologies and fully automated processes.

Typical areas of application

In the automotive sector, our focus is on the following segments

Car roof systems and accessories

Innovative products for sliding and panoramic roofs

As well as safety frames for sliding roofs, our guide rails are an essential component of any vehicle with a sliding or panoramic roof. The rails are one of the most important kinematic functional parts of the roof. With the greatest precision, we can produce guide rails for your roof system and carry out your order as responsible project work. We can produce the right profile with our own extrusion lines. With our technologically advanced fabrication systems, we bend, emboss, punch, mill, deburr and anodise this profile and produce your component. The service package is rounded off by our co-engineering, and packaging and logistics in the form of just-in-time delivery.

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Guide rails for roof shades


Guide rails for panoramic roofs

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Convertible roof components

A convertible doesn’t just look good, but it also gives you a certain attitude towards life. To make this possible, we produce struts for convertible roofs. Aluminium is ideal here because its light weight, together with the required stability, is essential for roofs like these. We can saw, bend, mill, drill and stretch-bend our own aluminium profiles to create ready-to-install clamps and brackets which we can also anodise or powder-coat in house.

Car accessories

Aluminium parts aren’t just found in the automobile, but also in many of their accessories. Whether in leisure applications in bicycle racks or in commercial use with roof carriers and transport structures – we can provide you with a custom-fit profile.

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