apt Group with new black anodizing plant

apt Group commissions its new black anodizing plant at the Roermond site in July 2024

With a new black anodizing plant, the apt Group is responding to the increased demand for color-anodized aluminium profiles. This demand is primarily from customers who use aluminum profiles with increased corrosion resistance outdoors for their end products.

The benefits of color-anodized surfaces extend beyond corrosion resistance. In particular, the following advantages should be mentioned here:

  • Aesthetics: Color anodized surfaces are often used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. This is particularly the architecture case, the manufacture of housings for electronic devices, automotive parts, and other high-quality products where an elegant appearance is desired.
  • Electrical insulation: The anodized layer insulates electrically, making anodized parts ideal for electronic applications.
  • Hardness and wear resistance: The anodized surface can increase the hardness and wear resistance of the metal, which is an advantage in applications with high mechanical loads.
  • Corrosion protection: Anodizing forms a protective layer on the aluminium surface that protects the underlying metal from corrosion.
  • Marking and labeling: Colored anodized surfaces can be used for engraving and labeling, which is useful in various industries, including aerospace.

Overall, black or color anodizing is a versatile process used in various industries to improve the performance and appearance of aluminum components.

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