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Tailor-made aluminium products

Our specialty

The manufacture of complex and multifunctional extruded aluminium profiles and products. Our processing capabilities cover the entire value chain for the manufacture of products – from the raw material through to the end product. They include:


-  Recycling

-  Extrusion

-  Mechanical processing

-  Surface finishing

-  Assembly


Our products

We manufacture standard products as well as highly complex individual parts using one-piece flow methods. Our highly efficient cutting-edge production plants are fully automated and flexible.


Our standards

We meet international quality and environmental standards when designing and manufacturing our products. Sustainability and environmental protection form an essential part of our work. 

The latest LME quotations

Prices for primary aluminium are quoted daily on the London Metal Exchange. As part of its service, apt provides you with the latest prices every day.


LME/Valuta on 26-05-2017 at 8:45 a.m.


LME Cash/$        1.966,00
LME 3 mo./$       1.967,00
€/$                          1,1207


Please be informed that the LME is closed on May 29, 2017


To support our teams we are looking for motivated and flexible employees.  

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Marcel Loman appointed Managing Director of apt Kurvers B.V.

After Frans Kurvers had been responsible for more than 10 years for apt Kurvers B.V., he has now given the further development in the hands of Marcel Loman.


EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM AWARD for apt customer van Campen Industries

In the framework of the International Trade Fair ALUMINIUM 2016 in Dusseldorf, several companies of the aluminium sector who created extraordinary and innovative designs were awarded this special prize.




The responsible use of resources forms part of our everyday routine. We recycle all of the aluminium scrap produced by the apt Hiller Group at our remelting plant in Monheim, which has a capacity of 20,000 tonnes of aluminium billets a year. We use these billets to produce high quality extrusion profiles. The production of billets from recycled aluminium requires only 5% of the energy that would be needed to make the billets using aluminium made from raw materials. And without any loss in quality because the recycled material is in no way inferior to primary aluminium.

Even residual products, such as dross from the remelting plant or residues produced during the water treatment at the anodising plants, are recycled. This enables us to combine environmental awareness with optimum cost effectiveness.