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Our Portfolio

We process aluminium extrusion profiles and sheet. We take care of the entire process for our customers, from product development through to processing, finishing and assembly.

We use intelligent manufacturing concepts to create prototypes and one-off parts as well as for manufacturing small and large volumes. We use precisely coordinated process steps and innovative technologies to achieve optimum production efficiency. This results in maximum quality at minimum cost.

Our performance

We process 15,000 tonnes of aluminium a year, creating innovative products of which both our customers and we ourselves can be proud. These include complex aluminium extrusion profiles as well as complete lightweight design concepts.

Our core skills

-  Forming/shaping (2D/3D)

-  Sawing/cutting

-  CNC turning and milling (high-speed 3-axle/4-axle/5-axle)

-  Punching/nibbling (high-speed technology)

-  Embossing technology/deep drawing

-  Welding (MIG/MAG)

-  Joining and bonding

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Anodised or powder-coated: the choice is yours

Anodising - intelligent and eco-friendly

Anodising protects aluminium against corrosion and abrasion. The electrochemical process offers some 100 treatment programmes . This enables us to meet our customers' requirements at any time when it comes to coating, colour, gloss level and sealing of the anodised layer.


Continuous analysis in our laboratories and fully automatic process control enables us to keep the use of chemicals to a minimum. Process water is treated using the appropriate equipment and all residues are recycled completely. This is how we use synergies – in an intelligent and eco-friendly way.


With our three anodising plants, in Monheim, Roermond and Eckental, we achieve an annual output of about 7 million m2.

Powder coating - Class 'A' surface


Our powder coating meets the highest standards in terms of visual characteristics, possible further processing and corrosion protection.


The high level of automation at our modern plant, which was opened in 2007, enables us to guarantee coating results while minimising environmental impact. We can offer a wide range of treatment programmes to meet our customers' specific finishing needs.


Our high-tech powder coating plant in Eckental has a capacity of over 1.5 million m2 per year.